FIFA, UN bring football training to classrooms in Ivory Coast

 Ivory Coast is one of the three nations where a football training program piloted with the help of UNESCO.

Last week, elementary school students in Abidjan, the commercial city of Ivory Coast, took part in a FIFA program designed to increase participation in football and its positive impact on children's education.

FIFA's Football for Schools (F4S) programme was established in 2019 with trial programs in Puerto Rico and Lebanon, and Ivory Coast is the first country in West Africa and the sixth on the continent to participate.

Youngsters, coached by FIFA officials and outfitted in yellow bibs and white jerseys, worked on their passing and dribbling skills between rows of cones.

Manager of F4S in Abidjan, Fatimata Sow, claimed that playing football helped children overcome adversity, develop their leadership potential, and improve their interpersonal and communication skills.

The program is run in conjunction with UNESCO and aims to help educate about 700 million children by incorporating sports and learning.

Football and learning are brought together in these seminars. Antonio Buenano, an instructor with Football for Success, has said that each session teaches students about life as well as football and its technical aspects.

FIFA's website states that the organization will provide a one-time funding injection of $50,000 to each of the participating member associations. The number of participating member organizations is currently unknown.

Additionally, classroom supplies will be made available to schools.


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