Musk tells G20 forum he has ‘too much work’ since buying Twitter

 After purchasing Twitter, Musk claims he now has "too much business" to attend the G20 forum.

According to Tesla's CEO, he has been working nonstop since the company spent $44 billion to acquire the social media giant.

Since taking over Twitter, Elon Musk claims he has "too much work."

Musk, who also serves as CEO of four other firms, including electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, claimed on Monday that he has been working "from sunrise til night," seven days a week, since purchasing the social media behemoth for $44bn last month.

"I have too much work on my plate that's for sure," Musk remarked via videolink at a business roundtable organized in conjunction with the G20 summit in Bali.

Following a turbulent few weeks at Twitter, marked by widespread layoffs, high-profile resignations, fleeing advertisers, and an increase in phony accounts, the billionaire made these comments during the B20 Summit.

As a result of a surge in false accounts pretending to be well-known people and organizations, such as former President George W. Bush, NBA star LeBron James, and video game company Nintendo, Twitter temporarily suspended its $8 blue check mark membership service on Friday.

The pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Co., which has been criticized for the high prices of its drugs, issued an apology on Friday after a fake account, verified by a blue tick, falsely claimed it would distribute insulin at no cost.

After criticizing the previous verification system, which was free but limited to prominent individuals and accounts deemed to be of public importance, Musk started offering the blue check mark to all users for a monthly fee last week.

Concerned about Twitter's future direction under Musk, major sponsors like GM, Audi, General Mills, and United Airlines have withdrew or suspended their ad campaigns.

Musk told the audience at Monday's business session to "maximize your usefulness and value to the rest of mankind."

"I think anyone who does something useful, like building products or providing services that are of benefit to other humans, is doing a good thing," added Musk, who appeared by candlelight owing to what he claimed was a shortage of power at his location.

When asked whether he had any words of wisdom for individuals hoping to become the "Musk of the East," Musk cautioned, "be careful of what you wish for."

Possibly not many people would want to be me, he mused.

"They enjoy playing at being me as they envision me to be, which is very different from who I really am. Seriously, the lengths to which I go to punish myself are unprecedented.


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